Shown below is the list of accepted teams for the 2018 SFYS Spring Recreational League tournament for the age group.

4th Grade Boys 24 - Accepted Teams
Group Club/Team Name City Team ID  Head Coach
 A1 4th - Alvarado Cougars Crimson Oakland 0102-01RB11-160319   John Argueda Colan
 A2 4th - Monroe SF Monarchs San Francisco 0102-01RB11-160590   Oscar Cubas
 A3 4th - SF Dolphins San Francisco 0102-01RB11-160519   Juan Hurtado
 A4 4th - SF.FC Rooftop Boys San Francisco 0102-07RB11-070029   Krysta Jenkins
 A5 4th - Starr King Football Club San Francisco 0102-01RB11-160556   Pierre Barolette
 A6 4th - Miraloma Lightning Dragons San Francisco 0102-01RB11-160343   Hany Tawadrous
 A7 4th - Grattan Gorillas San Francisco 0102-01RB11-160334   Howard Hirsch
 A8 4th - Jamestown BVHM Dragons San Francisco 0102-18RB11-000010   Edward Sidawi
 B1 4th - Orca Attack San Francisco 0102-01RB11-160446   Hazen Sewell
 B2 4th - SF.FC Sting San Francisco 0102-07RB11-070025   Krysta Jenkins
 B3 4th - Sunset Stars B4 San Francisco 0102-01RB11-160426   Eamonn McCusker
 B4 4th - SFGE B Super Hawks San Francisco 0102-19RB11-160193   Lawrence Chan
 B5 4th - CIS Spitfires Walnut Creek 0102-01RB11-160598   Ika Kvavilashvili
 B6 4th - Brandeis Lions San Francisco 0102-01RB11-160445   Juan Hurtado
 B7 4th - BAGU Shooting Stars San Francisco 0102-01RB11-160342   Shalom Kimble
 B8 4th - Alvarado Black Cougars Boys San Francisco 0102-01RB11-160389   Juan Hurtado
 C1 4th - Soccer Kids of the Hill San Francisco 0102-01RB11-160382   Oliver Fringer
 C2 4th - SF RUSH - Strikers Daly City 0102-01RB11-160649   Genaro Arana
 C3 4th - Jaguars Red San Francisco 0102-01RB11-160474   Philip Chu
 C4 4th - SFGE B Sunnyside Eagles San Francisco 0102-19RB11-160196   Emmanuel Serrano
 C5 4th - Miraloma Thunder Dragons San Francisco 0102-01RB11-160341   Antulio Lopez
 C6 4th - Sloat Volcanoes San Francisco 0102-01RB11-160432   Jason Buckner
 C7 4th - Two Rivers Vipers San Francisco 0102-01RB11-160390   Ben Flatley
 C8 4th - Starr King United San Francisco 0102-01RB11-160555   Leon Yu